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Helping Nannies and Parents Connect With Each Other

NannyCorp is a platform dedicated to families and nannies worldwide. We are here to help those who need caregivers who can assist them in the development and care of their children.

Our company is a work in progress, with many features planned over time such as; play and activity directories, groups and introduction services. For now, we encourage parents and nannies to join, and freely contribute to our articles and discussions.

This can also help form relationships with other nannies and parents in the community. It is free for nannies to use, join and create their profiles. For parents or guardians in search of a nanny, we offer free access of the blog at this stage. They can join a discussion page and view play groups, among other things, but if they want to search the nanny book/profiles, there is a fee required that will give them full access to all the nannies. A free semi subscription will entitle them to view 5-10 nannies in their area.

Our website is like a compatibility tool where nannies and families can be matched. They can search for full-time, part-time, and ad hoc babysitting that will match to each user’s location.

We want to help families with their caregiving needs by promoting a free service for nannies to bolster our nanny directory.

About our company

The owner of NannyCorp first thought of creating a nanny network back in in 2013. With more than 10 years of experience, she thought it would be a very handy idea that will help nannies and parents worldwide. Our company was created based on the simple idea to connect parents and nannies with each other. We knew many nannies who worked for corporate families and very rich people. These parents would often take their nannies on holidays with them so they can have a real vacation with their children─that’s quality mummy and daddy time. They wanted
someone they knew and trusted to mind their children.

With help from Nannycorp, parents could either have someone referred by other nannies or their actual nanny could network with other nannies internationally and organise play dates with other carers in whichever country they are visiting.


NannyCorp was established by Alexandra Catsicakis, a nanny herself, to integrate everything parents and child carers need to know to create the perfect environment for children. As a nanny for more than 20 years, she found it very time-consuming to search endlessly online for employment, activities, advice, play groups, and more.

Our 40-year-old owner has worked as a nanny most of her adult life, predominantly for two families, and also did ad hoc babysitting on the side. She really loves her job which, for her, never felt like a job. She also maintains a good relationship with the families and children she has worked for. After working for various sets of parents, she realised that they had the same issues with inexperienced nannies.

In 2012, her partner who was in the Australian Defence Force, was posted to Brisbane, QLD. At that time, she was working in the beauty industry and as a part-time nanny with her first family for 9 years. Although she met a lot of wonderful people in the beauty industry, child care was always in her heart. She then moved to Brisbane and there she found her second family and soon became an integral part of their lives. She admits becoming very attached to the families she has worked for. After 5 years in Brisbane, Queensland, it was time for her partner’s new posting in the Army. Thankfully, it took them back to their hometown, Victoria. Our owner no longer works as a nanny, but she is searching for someone with whom she can entrust the care of her 2-1/2-year-old daughter.

Mission/Vision Statement

NannyCorps strives to connect families and nannies all over the world. Their goal is to provide an easy way for parents to find a caregiver suited to their family and needs, and for nannies to find a compatible family to nurture and grow their children as well.

Service Areas

We proudly serve clients in Australia and other countries worldwide